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Looking for free hard funny riddles and puzzles? Sometimes few things are as fun and entertaining than a humorous riddle that makes you think and then makes you laug

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Looking for free hard funny riddles and puzzles? Sometimes few things are as fun and entertaining as a humorous riddle that makes you think and then makes you laugh. Funny riddles help you cheer up and enjoy yourself wherever you are.

Riddles and similar mind games are so much fun to play – both for adults and children. So if you are having a boring day at work or just feel like exercising your mind and have fun and laugh at the same time, you can check out some new humorous puzzles and riddles.

You can find riddles about all kinds of topics: math, logic, kids, brain teasers, puzzles, what am I riddles, and so much more. These games are mostly free and you can download them easily online or tuning in with FUNTOOZA!

So where can you find the best funny hard riddles? How can you save time and find the best puzzles and riddles to enjoy now?

Where to Find Free Hard Funny Riddles and Puzzles?

I have done the hard work for you and have collected the best riddles and puzzles so you can save time and enjoy them right now. No need to search around for hours to find funny hilarious riddles. Now you can find them all here.

Simply check out each of the links below to get tons of free riddles now

Hard Riddles for kids

riddles about school
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

What 2 things are you able to ne’er eat for breakfast?

Lunch and Dinner

What incorporates a face and 2 hands however no arms or legs?

A clock.

What tastes higher than it smells?

A Tongue.

What quite a space has no doors or windows?

A Mushroom.

During what month do individuals sleep the least?

February, it is the shortest month.

What’s orange and looks like a parrot?

A Carrot.

What goes up and ne’er comes down?

Your Age.

What word becomes shorter after you add 2 letters to it?


Two youngsters are born on an identical day from identical mother however they’re not twins. however is that possible?

They are triplets!

Johnny’s mother had 3 youngsters. the primary kid was named Gregorian calendar month The second kid was named might. What was the third child’s name?

Johnny after all.

Before Mt. mountain peak was discovered, what was the best mountain within the world?

Mt. Everest; it simply wasn’t discovered nevertheless.

How much dirt is there in a very hole that measures 2 feet by 3 feet by four feet?

There is no dirt within the hole.

What has four wheels and flies?

A Duscart.

What gets wetter a lot of it dries?

A Towel.

Which word within the lexicon is spelled incorrectly?


You can’t keep this till you have got given it.

A Promise.

What grows once it fares, however, dies once it drinks?


What spends all the time on the ground however ne’er gets dirty?

Your Shaddow.

What animal turns concerning two hundred times around its axis once it dies?

a roast Chicken.

How many months within the year have twenty-eight days?

All Of Them.

A man goes go in serious rain with nothing to shield him from it. His hair does not get wet. however, will he do that?

He is bald.

What a part of Turkey has the foremost feathers?

The Outside.

Six fish are within the pool if 3 die what percentage ar within the pond?


What goes up and down however ne’er moves?

The Stairs.

Ten women tried to suit beneath a little umbrella, none of them got wet. however, did they are doing it?

It Wasn’t raining outside.

What kind of crystals doesn’t break when they hit the ground?

Snow, because they are ice crystals

How are minus zero, negative zero and below zero the same?

They are all ridiculously cold

Which of the following is not white? Igloo, a white dove, polar bears, milk, marshmallows, or snow?

Polar bears, because their fur is colorless. Each fur strand is actually transparent and pigment-free with a hollow core which reflects light.

What do December, January, and February have in common?

The letter R

A fiery shrub around Christmas time you see, it looks like flowers but it is just leaves that are on a small tree.


It is worn outside the cold weather, sometimes it is made of plastic, fur, wool or even leather.

Winter Coat

What AM I Riddles

What Am I RiddlesPhoto by from Pexels

1. I was known to Greek philosophers a thousand years ago, I have numbers all in a line, and I can tell you if the rain will turn to snow. What am I?

I am a Thermometer

2. You can find me in abundance in Greenland, in a box, in a sweet treat but you’ll never ever find me in an oven. What am I?

I am An ice

3. You can see me up north bundled up, I live inside a white house, and my diet is mainly Paleo. Who am I?

I am an Eskimo

4. I am worn to mark a successful victory, I am also made of flowers and leaves formed into a circle, and I vary from big to tiny. What am I?

I am A wreath

5. I am a dreamlike fairyland but I can be horrific to many when I cover the land with ice. What am I?

I am the Winter.

6. We can be made of leather or can be made of wool, we come in pairs and keep you from cold. What am I?

I am Winter gloves

7. I have four sides, I am little and I can spin, and if you want to play just bet all your chocolate coins and hope you’ll win. What am I?

I am A dreidel

8. I am made of plastic or metal, I am used for play or for work, and you’ll usually see me in a sandbox but I am mostly out in the winter months. What am I?

I am A shovel

9. I am unexpected, ferocious, dreadful, bitter, violent and bad, for when I come I can ruin your plans. What am I?

I am Blizzard

10. I am white and beautiful as snow but I am not as cold as Ice. Who am I?

Show White

11. You can only do this every for four years over snow or ice, people do their very best to claim their price. What am I?

Winter Olympic Games

12. I am a massive, destructive and gigantic pile of fluff, and when I flow, get out of the way fast don’t move so slow. What am I?

An avalanche

13. I stand bright, decorated, tall and green, and only in December, BUT I’ll be the prettiest you’ve ever seen. What am I?

Christmas tree

14. I may stand out like a sore thumb, but I can make a dark room glow and guide the others to keep the presents coming to a continuous flow. What am I?

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer

15. Simple or ornate, small or massive, fake or original, but one thing is for sure that if it is lit Santa won’t come down from it. What is it?


16. I can be round, white and shaped like a ball, but yet I cannot be dribbled or bounced at all. What am I?

A snowball

17. I am rich but I cannot be poor, I can be dark and I can be white, I can be hot or I can be cold, but one thing is for sure having too much of me can be a little jittery. What am I?


18. I have potatoes and celebrated for 8 days straight, However bright light and lots of gifts await. What am I?


19. I live and thrive in the winter as I grow down and sharpen but you’ll never see me in the summer because I’ll die in warmth. What am I?


20. Firstly, You’ll see me outside standing even in the cold months. Obviously, I am made of a bunch of winter flakes and I like to keep warm with a knitted yarn. What am I?


21. I am a place where you can find a syrup farm, geese, snow, even loonies, and toonies Then tell me What am I?


22. You’ll see me on Christmas on tables and wreaths but some people stand under me and might get a kiss. What am I?


23. I am mostly made of soft comfortable material, I always come in pairs and I can also be used so you won’t get burnt. What am I?

I am an Apple

24. I am a catchy carol and a tune with that you can rhyme So that contains 12 grand gifts around Christmas time. What am I?

I am Yams

25. I am a ball that can be rolled, but never bounced or thrown. What am I?


26. I can be hot, I can be cold, I can run and I can be still, I can be hard and I can be soft. What am I?


27. I can be any shape, I can a be surprise to your loved one, just fill me up and make sure to hold me real tight so I won’t fly away. What am I?

A Balloon

28. People come visit me but rarely stay long. I can be clean but am often very dirty. People usually reveal to me a part of them that they rarely show others. What am I?


29. You find me once in the morning, twice in the afternoon but never in the evening. What am I?

The Letter “O”

30. I can be broken or attacked, I can be clogged or crushed, I can be given and I can be kept, sometimes I am warm and other times I am cold. What am I?

A Heart

31. Sometimes I go backwards but often I go forward, I can trip, I can dance. Just play the right music and I’ll even do the conga. What am I?


32. Fill me up with hot or cold, put anything in me I’ll make sure I’ll hold. What is it?

A Cup

33. I can be beady, I can be deep set, I can be a ball, I can be watery and twenty-twenty. What am I?

AN Eye

34. I can be late, I can be early, I can be astronomical or atomic and my insides are incredibly complex. What am I?


35. ClockI can be sweet or not so much, I have nice curves and from my name you might think I make a ringing sound. What am I?

A Bell Pepper

36. Sometimes I am bright, sometimes I am dark, some think I am a man but others think I am a rabbit, and I’ve had a Buzz step on my face. What am I?

The Moon

37. I am sometimes powerful, I am sometimes complex or deep, I can be blind, lost, or profound. What am I?


38. I am a beer, however many kids drink me and do not get drunk. What am I?

Root Beer

39. I can grow quickly and I can die slowly, I can be a terrible pain or a comfort and joy. You never find me all by myself. What am I?

A Relationship

40. I am said to be only one dimensional, and as itty bitty as can be, some say I am the basis of all that we see. What am I?

A string (from String Theory)

41. I am a ball yet I can’t bounce up and down, I am often yellow, white or brown. Even though they seem to be sad people still cut me so bad. What am I?

An onion

42. White and sparkly I can be, fluffy and soft, kids make angels out of me. What am I?


43. I can jump, I can climb, I swing from tree to tree with my many legs and I make a house much bigger than myself. What am I?


44. I have some branches, but I am without a trunk, leaves or fruit. What am I?

A Bank

I get dirty, I get clean, I can be delicate, I can be rough. People often shake me or smack me against my own kind. What am I?


People look forward to my coming, they light lights for me, they celebrate me, they often take a break and rest when I arrive and some say I am the most important thing all year. What am I?


I have a comb but it’s never used for my hair, I have a cape yet I am not a superhero, and because I am so territorial you often see me chasing others away. What am I?

A Rooster

You can call me curly, you can call me bald, you call me gray and shaggy, long or short. What am I?


Round and round I go never stopping in a continuous flow. I hang out with numbers each and every day and nothing ever gets in my way. What am I?

The hands of a clock

I can be angled, I can be arched, I can be raised, bushy and plucked, and women spend a lot of time perfecting me. What am I?

Eye Brows

I am a fruit that can talk, calculate, tweet and it is well known that I don’t come cheap. What am I?

An apple product (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

They provide for you, they keep you safe, we celebrate them every June. What are they?


Sometimes my face is round or square, but you may even see me with a hexagonal face. I have 3 hands and I strike all sorts of digits. What am I?


I can be white, I can be dark grey, I can be luminous or ominous, bright or dark and people like to store all sorts of things in me. What am I?

A cloud

I am a stick combined with a sweetness ball. What am I?


If you give me a letter I will not keep it long, boxes help pay my salary and I travel so much but never very far. What am I?

A Postman

What Am I Riddles for kids and Moms


the best riddles
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

Brain Teasers Riddles - Fun Brain - Riddle of the day

funtOOza @YouTube

These amazing and child friendly riddles will make your day. Riddles are not only entertaining our child but it have other side of Building Capacity. It give a art of thinking in right manner and taking decision with right side.

Tricky Riddles

Tricky Riddles With Correct Answers

Tricky Riddles With Correct Answers is an easy and child-friendly quiz for you. Quiz your friend Right now with our questions. Here we are, Quiz Host, for you and you are with a challenging question and must answer them correctly. 

This Tricky Riddles with Answers Quiz Board have 10 amazing questions with Answers. When you start this quiz, It will ask you a question one by one. If your answer is wrong it will show Red color for it and further, It will also tell you the right answer to the question too.

You will enjoy the Tricky Riddles With Correct Answers and Love to share and challenge your friends. These

general knowledge questions are with images. The Quiz Images make you more enjoyable.

In this Tricky Riddles With Correct Answers Quiz Trivia you will answer these Tricky  questions;

Three eyes have I, all in a row; when the red one opens, all freeze

A rooster laid an egg on top of a barn, which way did it fall?

Why weren’t the first french fries made in France?

What animal walks on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening?

What does “Mill + Walk + Key=”

What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? 

No sooner spoken than broken. What is it? 

am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I? 

What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it? 

I have a tail, and I have a head, but I have nobody. I am NOT a snake. What am I? 

As soon as you finish This Tricky Riddles With Correct Answers s Quiz, in last it will tell you your level in result with also some suggestions for your next building capacity about quizzes and solving the riddles and puzzles.

According to Wikipedia "A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved."

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Play and Read More our  Tricky Riddles With Correct Answers quizzes

Riddles with Answers

Brain Teasers Quiz

Brain Teaser Quiz For Kids

If you're not good at logic, stop reading right now. This quiz is for those of you who enjoy a good mental workout. Wake up your brain and test your mental level. Whats herein this Brainteaser Quiz! Here's a quick test of intelligence. There are no tricks to the test, and it looks pretty simple. 

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Do you think you have what it takes to answer all 5 of these brain teaser questions correctly? Give some exercise for your brain. 

After this Game you can Visit our more games by clicking below links>>

Can You Answer these easy brain teaser Questions?

Kids Environment Kids Health

Can You Solve These Brain Teasers?

Name the world's biggest island?
Name the world's biggest island
Name the world's biggest island
Name the world's biggest island
Name the world's biggest island
Name the world's largest ocean?
Name the world's largest ocean
Name the world's largest ocean
Name the world's largest ocean
Name the world's largest ocean
Name the world's largest ocean
What is the world's longest river?
What is the world's longest river
What is the world's longest river
What is the world's longest river
What is the world's longest river
What is the world's longest river
Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'?
Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'
Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'
Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'
Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'
Which is the only American state to begin with the letter 'p'
What is the diameter of Earth?
What is the diameter of Earth
What is the diameter of Earth
What is the diameter of Earth
What is the diameter of Earth
What is the diameter of Earth
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Brain teaser Quiz
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