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Fun Brain Teaser Riddles who don’t want these? are you crazy for new and new challenges with Riddle of the day? 

It is the Winter season. The blanket is being enjoyed. The nights are long. We do not want to leave the blankets. What happens when Fun Brain Teaser Riddles in this season and I got this idea from my kitchen. Actually what happened? OK let me tell you. 

Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles

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Best Fun Brain Riddles

Today I was sitting and thinking what next posts for my blog! I thought I’d make coffee before the post. As soon as I started making coffee in the kitchen, I came to see the things available in the house, and posting Household Fun Brain Teaser Riddles items. Before this, I made a lot of research and collected 227 Best Riddles on 43 household items that were sharing with you. These amazing Fun Brain Teaser Riddles are for children and are very delicious and exciting. You can spend a good time with your kids with these Fun Brain Teaser.

These 227 Brain Teaser Riddles can be the center of interest in your children due to domestic goods. That’s why the kids keep seeing the same stuff all day. In Fun Brain Teaser Riddles Household Item’s category, I just selected 43 Items and here is a list along with Riddles.

Riddles of 43 Household Items List we daily use

BOOK Riddles

Word  book riddles for kids
Fun Brain Teaser Book Riddles

Although this thing has a spine
It doesn’t have a face
Although it is not clothing
It gets stored in a case.

My spine stiff My body pale
I’m always ready to tell a tale.

I have lots to say but never speak,
I open but you cannot walk through me,
I have a spine but no bones.

I have a spine, front, and back,
But bones and face are what I lack.

My leaves don’t change, though they turn,
From me, you vanish, experience, or learn.

I’m not alive but bring to life –
Love, laughter, beauty, and strife –
Though I don’t speak I never fail –
To captivate you with a tale

What am I?
Tears of joy and grief,
Laughter from my speech
Boredom or excitement,
Love or hate directed at me
But when we part
I’m put away,
Left to rot for endless days,
Dust settles on my back,
But feelings for me you do not lack.


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