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Shampoo Riddles


If you want to clean your hair

This product can’t be beat

Just add it on to your head

And lather, rinse, repeat

When you’re taking a shower

I am something that you use

When you need to wash your hair

I’m the product that you choose

When you need to wash your hair

Just using water’s not enough

Instead, you would use this thing

That might help to prevent dandruff

I get squeezed from a bottle

But I am not sticky glue

I am used to washing your hair

Which means that I am _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What Am I?

I come in a bottle but I’m not water

I’m used to cleaning something but I’m not dishwashing liquid

I can be found in a bathroom but I’m not shower gel

I’m squeezed into your hand but I’m not face wash

I’m used on your hair but I’m not hairspray


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