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Refrigirator Riddles

Best refrigerator riddles for kids 2019 new

I make it possible to have fresh food

Everyone agrees I’m one cool dude

This is something in your kitchen

Meat, milk, and yogurt it does hold

The reason you put them in this

Is because it helps keep them cold

If you eat meat and dairy products

Then this is what you will keep filling

Because for them to be safe to eat

You need this to help keep them chilling

This is a kitchen appliance

If your height 3 feet, this is taller

It has different food stored inside

It’s not room temperature but cooler

This has something to control its temperature

But it’s not an air conditioner unit

It is in your kitchen and it has a door

And it often has meat, cheese, and milk in it

Your artwork shines within my glow

I hold other good things you know

Your mother says to close me up

Look up high, if you are stuck

What Am I?

I have shelves but I’m not a bookcase

I have a door but I’m not a cupboard

I have a light but I’m not a lamp

I contain food but I’m not a grocery store

I’m cold inside but I’m not an igloo


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