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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Vacuum Cleaner Riddles

Funny amazing kitchen riddles new for kids 2019
Fun brain family friendly riddles

This is a household appliance

But it doesn’t clean your shirt

You push it all over the floor

And it sucks up all the dirt

If you want to have a clean home

This appliance is a must

Because it can clean all your floors

As it sucks up dirt and dust

I am something that cleans floors

Although I am not a broom

I’m able to suck up dirt

To clean carpets in each room

This often has two wheels

But it’s not a bike you ride

Plug it in and push it round

And it cleans your floors inside

What Am I?

I sometimes have a bag but I’m not someone at the mall

I usually have two wheels but I’m not a bicycle

I have a plug but I’m not a bathtub

I clean but I’m not a janitor

I suck but I’m not a straw


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