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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

ToothPaste Riddles

Interesting new toothbrush riddles for lazy kids 2019

In the morning and at night

A tube of this should be squeezed

So that your teeth can be cleaned

And help keep your parents pleased

Use this to clean twice a day

And that would be really great

Squeeze it on to a toothbrush

Some Aquafresh or Colgate

I help to clean parts of you

But I am not a bar of soap

This helps keep you minty fresh

And I’m used twice a day, I hope

What Am I?

I’m usually white although I can come in different colors I’m not a piece of paper

I clean things but I’m not a dishwasher

I get put on a brush but I’m not paint

I come in a tube but I’m not a London Underground train

I’m found in a bathroom but I’m not a towel


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