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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Mirror Riddles

Funtooza King of new mirror riddles 2019
Fun Riddles and funny riddles for kids

This item can be used

To see what is right there

An evil queen used hers

To find out who’s most fair

There’s two of these on the sides of cars

And two on the side of a truck

If you accidentally break one

You’ll have seven years bad luck

It’s sometimes round and it’s sometimes tall

It reflects the fairest of them all

They’re sometimes on a wall

And sometimes on a shelf

And when you look at one

You always see yourself

When you look at this

You see perfection

Because what you see

Is your reflection

It would be correct to say this does reflect

When you see me, you also see you

What Am I?

I’m found on a wall but I’m not paint

I’m found on the inside and outside of a car but I’m not a light

I’m found in a hairdresser’s but I’m not a pair of scissors

I appear in Sleeping Beauty but I’m not an apple

I reflect things but I’m not a puddle


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