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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Ladder Riddles

New Funny ladder riddles for kids 2019
Fun Brain Ladders Riddles for Kids

You would put your feet on this

But it’s not a ball you’d kick

Instead, you would walk up one

To get into your attic

If there’s something high you need to get

But you can’t reach it as you’re not tall

Then you might climb up the rungs on this

After leaning it against a wall

If your upstairs windows are dirty

So outside they need to be cleaned

You might use this to climb to reach them

Once against the wall, it is leaned

If you know your superstitions

This riddle shouldn’t get you stuck

If you walk under one of these

Then beware – you’ll have bad luck

What Am I?

I’m often made of metal but I’m not a necklace

I’m often stored in a garage but I’m not a car

I can sometimes be extended but I’m not a deadline

I’m associated with superstition but I’m not a mirror

I can help you reach things that are high up but I’m not a chair


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