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Washing Machine Riddles

New branded Household item washing machine riddles
washing machine Fun brain teasers riddles

This appliance

Will clean your shirt

When it has been

Covered in dirt

This is something in your house

Which is used because it cleans

It’s not a dishwasher though

As it cleans your socks and jeans

If you have any dirty clothes

Then you will need to make use of this

If you go to a laundromat

You’ll see lots of these appliances

I am something you can find in your house

That you would use when your clothes are dirty

Before going to a tumble dryer

You would usually first put them in me

When your jeans and T-shirts get dirty

Then you put them in this to get clean

It’s filled with water and detergent

Which means that it’s a _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What Am I?

I get filled with water but I’m not a drinking glass

I spin but I’m not a propeller

I clean things but I’m not a janitor

I’m a household appliance but I’m not a dishwasher

I have clothes put in me but I’m not a closet


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