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KEY Riddles

Riddle of the day,
Key Riddles

Sometimes to get inside a door

All you need to do is knock

Other times you will need this thing

So the door you can unlock

Although I’m not a diamond

I get put on a ring

When it is time to use me

A lock is opening

When you have to unlock something

But the code isn’t what you need

You need this thing that’s on a ring

Which has been cut but doesn’t bleed

I am something used with a door

But I’m not a Christmas wreath

Instead, I am kept on a ring

I get turned and I have teeth

If you come up to a door

And you find your entry is blocked

Push this in a hole and turn

So the door can be unlocked

To open a door you can knock

or use this item to unlock

What always comes into a house through the keyhole?

What Am I?

I get cut but I never bleed

I have teeth but I don’t bite

I get put on a ring but I’m not a diamond

I get turned but I’m not a page

I get put in a lock but I’m not a wrestler



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