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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Knife Riddles

New fun family riddles for kids 2019
Knife Fun Brain riddles

Because this item is sharp

You shouldn’t give it a lickin’

You use it to cut up food

And sometimes to carve a chicken

I’m something in your kitchen

Although I am not a cup

I’m a piece of silverware

Used to cut all your food up

There is one that’s made for pockets

And one that’s especially for steaks

There’s one to spread peanut butter

And a large one to cut wedding cakes

If you open a kitchen drawer

This is something that you might see

Smaller ones are used to cut your food

And larger ones to carve the turkey

What Am I?

I have a handle but I’m not a car door

I’m found in a kitchen but I’m not a cupboard door

I sometimes spread things but I’m not a sneeze

I’m used to cutting things but I’m not a pair of scissors

I have a blade but I’m not grass


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