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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Bed Riddles

New Funny puzzle questions with answers for kids
Bed fun brain riddles

This is something with a base

That’s often called a box spring

It’s a piece of furniture

A room’s named after this thing

Although I’m not royalty

I am often a queen or king

When it gets dark every night

It’s on me people are sleeping

This is a piece of furniture

There’s a room named after this

It’s something that’s used every night

Because it has a mattress

The answer to this riddle

Is somewhere that you lay your head

The answer’s not a pillow

But what it sits on – it’s a _ _ _

What Am I?

I have a base but I’m not a baseball field

I have sheets but I’m not a binder

I’m sometimes a king but I don’t have a crown

I’m used every night but I’m not a light

I have a room named after me but I’m not a bath


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