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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Umbrella Riddles

New Rain and umbrella riddles for kids 2019
Umbrella Fun brain Riddles for kids easy and Printable

If you have one of these

Then dry you will remain

Hold it above your head

It will keep off the rain

There are times when you will get wet

But it is not because you cry

In rain hold this above your head

And it will help to keep you dry

If it is raining outside

You’d use one of these I bet

As it’s held above your head

To keep you from getting wet

I am something that goes up

Although I am not a kite

I am held over your head

To help block rain or sunlight

What Am I?

I go up when I’m used but I’m not a balloon

I have a handle but I’m not a car door

I get wet but I’m not a washcloth

I go above your head but I’m not mistletoe

I’m used in the rain but I’m not windshield wipers


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