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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Toothbrush Riddles

New funny riddles for children and parents 2019
Toothbrush fun brain Riddles

When looking at these items

You will see some bristles

They get put inside your mouth

But they are not whistles

These things don’t get sticky

Even though they’re used with paste

They get used twice a day

And gives mouths a minty taste

In every person’s bathroom

These are things that will be seen

For these are used with Colgate

To keep your teeth white and clean

What Am I?

I have bristles but I’m not a beard

I have a handle but I’m not a door

I have a head but I don’t have any eyes

I’m sometimes electric but I don’t light up

I have paste put on me but I don’t get sticky


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