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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Freezer Riddles

Latest riddles 2019 for household appliance
Fun Brain with Easy Kids Riddles

To store food for a long time

This appliance might be chosen

Because it can keep food fresh

By making sure it stays frozen

If you want to store some food

This can help to keep it nice

It will often contain fries

Pizza, peas as well as ice

I’m a kitchen appliance

But I do not give off steam

Because I am very cold

I am where you keep ice cream

When you open its door

Then one will come its light

But it is not a fridge

It’s zero Fahrenheit

I am something very cold

That should come as no surprise

As I am where food is kept

Such as garlic toast and fries

This is in your kitchen

It’s where your peas are

Maybe some pizza too

It is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What Am I?

I sometimes contain ice but I’m not something you drink

I have a door but I’m not an igloo

I’m in your kitchen but I’m not a glass

I contain food but I’m not a refrigerator

I’m very cold but I don’t have to wear a coat


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