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Toilet Paper Riddles

Home appliances riddles for women
Fun Brain Teasers Riddles of Toilet Paper Household Item Riddles

one sheet, two sheets, three sheets More

some use less, some use more

This is something that you can find

In the room that contains a loo

It is the thing you use to wipe

After you’ve done a number two

I am something in your house

That can be found on a roll

Once you’ve wiped yourself with me

I get dropped into a bowl

This is something on a roll

But it’s not a plane about to fly

It is found in a bathroom

And comes in single or double-ply

Before use I’m cylindrical

Although I am not a pipe

You can find me in a bathroom

I’m using every day to wipe

What Am I?

I’m white but I’m not a snowman

I’m a cylinder before I’m used but I’m not a candle

I’m on a roll but I don’t have any wheels

I’m found in a bathroom but I’m not a tube of toothpaste

I’m used to wiping your body but I’m not a washcloth


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