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Sink Riddles

Funny sink riddles for girls new 2019
Fun Brain Sink Riddles – Household Items Riddles

This gets filled with water

But it’s not glass or jug

It’s in your kitchen though

At the bottom, there’s a plug

This is something in your kitchen

But not an oven where you bake

It is where you’d wash your dishes

If your dishwasher were to break

I am something that has a plug

But there’s no electricity

I’m in your bathroom and kitchen

And there’s a faucet above me

In the kitchen, this fills with water

But it’s not because it rains

When the plug is pulled from the bottom

Then away the water drains

I am something in your home

In the room where dinner’s planned

I would get filled with water

If you wash dishes by hand

This might get filled with water

But not so that you can have a drink

It’s sometimes to wash dishes

It’s not a dishwasher – it’s a _ _ _ _

What Am I?

I can be found in your house but I’m not a door

I have a plug but I’m not a vacuum cleaner

I get filled with water but I’m not a coffee maker

I have a faucet above me but I’m not a bathtub

I can be used to wash dishes but I’m not a dishwasher


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