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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Paper Riddles

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Fun Brain Teaser Riddles of Household Items Riddles

I do not get put on a bed

Even though I am a sheet

Instead put me in a binder

To keep your desk nice and neat

I sometimes have lines on me

And other times I am blank

I’m made from a cut-down tree

Although I am not a plank

Plenty of sheets

But no bed in sight

It can cut you

But it doesn’t bite

What is this thing that you use at school?

In English, it has horizontal lines

In Art, it will usually be plain

And for graphs in Math, it will have gridlines

What Am I?

I can cut but I’m not a knife

I sometimes have paint put on me but I’m not a wall

I come from trees but I’m not a fruit

I’m a sheet but I don’t get put on a bed

I get put in a printer but I’m not ink


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