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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Door Riddles

Door of wisdom riddles for kids new
Fun Brain Door Riddles of Interesting Household Items

This can be open or closed

But it is not someone’s mind

Between rooms or on a car

Is where this thing you can find

I’m often a rectangle

But I’m not a soccer goal

I often have a handle

And sometimes have a keyhole

You can find this in your home

Although it is not a stair

This thing sometimes has a lock

But it’s not a piece of hair

It is often made of wood

Although it is not a chair

It’s sometimes on a closet

But it’s not something you wear

This is something with a frame

Part of which is called a jamb

When people get frustrated

This is something they might slam

Sometimes these are sliding

In a saloon bar then they swing

Sometimes they’re revolving

At the entrance of a building

I am behind something tall and thin

I welcome you when you come in

You find these throughout your home

There are several on a car

When one is slightly open

It is said that it is ajar

Though this item’s not a map

To use it you might need a key

As you walk into a room

This might be something that you see

A house has one front and back

A car usually has four

It is often between rooms

I’m talking about a _ _ _ _

On a house, you will see this thing that needs a key

What Am I?

I’m often made of wood but I’m not a picnic table

I have a handle but I’m not a hairbrush

I sometimes slide but I’m not a child in a playground

I sometimes need a key but I’m not a map

I can be open or closed but I’m not a window


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