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Sofa Riddles

New sofa riddles for kids
Fun Brain Riddles for Sofa word

This is in your living room

It’s sometimes made of leather

If there’s two or three of you

It helps you sit together

I’m in your living room

But I’m not a TV

I sometimes have two seats

And sometimes I have three

This is a piece of furniture

On which you might choose to slouch

It is found in your living room

And is also called a couch

Although this thing is not a bed

It’s where you can lay down or sit

It is found in a living room

Two or three people it can fit

This thing can sit two or three while you all watch TV

What Am I?

I have a back but I’m not a camel

I have a frame but I’m not a bicycle

I’m found in a living room but I’m not a photo

I’m a piece of furniture but I’m not a coffee table

I’m sometimes made of leather but I’m not a jacket


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