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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Toilet Riddles

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Family Friendly Riddles

If you go to the UK

British people call them loos

You find them in the bathroom

They’re for number ones and twos

This is something that’s usually white

But it’s not a tooth that’s just been brushed

It can be found in the bathroom though

It has a tank and bowl and gets flushed

If you’re sitting on me

The paper you will need

I’m always getting flushed

When you have pooped or peed

This is something that is white

In a bathroom, it is seen

One outside that doesn’t flush

Often gets called a latrine

What is thrown to both kings and beggars?

What Am I?

I’m white but I’m not snow

I have a bowl but I don’t hold cereal

I have a tank but I’m not in the military

I can be sat on but I’m not a bench

I get flushed but I don’t have a red face


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