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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Candle Riddles

New candlelight dinner riddles for adults
Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles about Candle Brain teaser Riddles

This is something that gives light

But it is not a sun ray

It is what you will blow out

On a cake on your birthday

My life can be measured in hours

I serve by being devoured.

Thin, I am quick

Fat, I am slow

Wind is my foe

Little Nanny Etticoat

In a white petticoat

And a long red nose

The longer she stands

The shorter she grows

I am often long and thin

And get held inside a stick

My outside is made of wax

And inside there is a wick

This is found on a birthday cake

But it’s not something you bite

When one’s in a small metal cup

It is known as a tealight

I am something in the house

But I’m not a door handle

I’m made of wax and get lit

Which means that I’m a _ _ _ _ _

Black within and red without;

Four corners around about.

What Am I?

I get blown but I’m not a bubble

I get shorter the more I’m used but I’m not a pencil

I’m made of wax but I’m not a crayon

I can help you see in the dark but I’m not a flashlight

I’m often found on a birthday cake but I’m not icing


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