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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Bathtub Riddles

Latest funny riddles for kids easy
Fun Brain Riddles of Household Items

This thing is found in a room

Where faucets can be seen

Fill with water and get in

It helps you to get clean

When you get really dirty

You should get in one of these

Lay down or take a shower

It makes getting clean a breeze

Sometimes when you get in this

You might choose to sing a song

You can get wrinkly fingers

If you stay in this too long

Boats sail the high seas in me

But not a man is lost at sea

My shore is shiny and slick

But my waters won’t make you sick

What Am I?

I’m usually white but I’m not snow

I’m sometimes covered in enamel but I’m not a tooth

I sometimes have a clawfoot but I’m not an eagle

I get filled with water but I’m not a sink

I have a plug but I don’t use electricity

I’m found in the bathroom but I’m not a toothbrush


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