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Microwaves Riddles

New branded riddles about Cooking microwaves riddles for mother
Fun Brain Riddles about Microwaves – Funtooza Riddles and Puzzles

This is something in the kitchen

Which can cook food on demand

What it’s called sounds similar to

A small movement of a hand

When you’re feeling hungry

And you need something to eat

If your food has gone cold

You can use this to reheat

I rotate but I’m not the Earth

As it orbits round the sun

Instead, I’m used to heat up food

And I beep when I am done

For fast heating or cooking

I am tops

And, oh, that good smell when my popcorn pops

I am used for cooking food

But not for it to be fried

I am a type of oven

But I don’t get hot inside

If you get home late from practice

This appliance is a winner

As instead of having cold food

This thing can reheat your dinner

What Am I?

I have a door but I’m not a cupboard

I have buttons but I’m not an elevator

I beep but I’m not a car

I’m found in your kitchen but I’m not a dishwasher

I can cook things but I’m not a saucepan


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