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Curtain Riddles

Latest new riddle of the day for kids 2019
Fun Brain about Curtain Riddles

These are long and made of fabric

But they’re not superhero capes

They are used to cover windows

And are often also called drapes

One of these is what’s lowered down

At the end of a theater show

You can find these in most houses

They block the sun coming through the window

These are found in many houses

But it is not a set of keys

They are used to cover windows

And some showers have one of these

Do you have these in your home?

In front of your windows, you might

They’re long and made of fabric

And they’re used to block out the light

What Am I?

I get hung but I’m not a piece of art

I’m found in a house but I’m not a picture frame

I’m made of fabric but I’m not a shirt

I block light but I’m not an eclipse

I cover windows but I’m not a set of blinds


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