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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Table Riddles

Latest new what am i riddles for kids 2019
Family friendly Riddles with Fun brain Riddles four Household Item table Riddle

This thing is often made of wood

I’m not talking about a stick

When listing all the elements

It comes after periodic

it has 4 legs but does not run

I am a piece of furniture

Which is often made of wood

If you need to eat your dinner

Sitting at me would be good

When you are feeling hungry

Then you will often eat at this

When you are playing ping pong

It comes before the word ‘tennis’

Although I am not a plate

Your dinner is put on me

I can be periodic

For your bedside or coffee

I sometimes have leaves

But I’m not a tree

I’m sometimes bedside

And sometimes coffee

This is something with four legs

But it isn’t an animal

It’s a piece of furniture

You eat at it – it’s a _ _ _ _ _

What Am I?

I have four legs but I’m not a camel

I’m flat on top but I’m not a horse

I sometimes have leaves but I’m not a tree

I come after coffee but I’m not a shop

I have food put on me but I’m not a plate


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