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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Window Riddles

Can you guess what am i riddles new 2019
windows fun brain teasers riddles with answers for kids

This might be open when it’s hot

And be closed if it has rained

If you look at some old churches

This has glass that has been stained

This is something found throughout the house

Of that, you can be very certain

Made of glass so you can see through it

But sometimes covered by a curtain

There are a lot of me in schools

On a car and your home too

Made of glass and can be opened

In order to let air through

Here’s a household item riddle

So it’s time to use your brain

This is an item with a frame

And some glass that’s called a pane

I help to keep out rain and I’m always a pane

What Am I?

I have a frame but I’m not a bicycle

I’m found throughout the house but I’m not a photo

I’m sometimes tinted but I’m not a pair of sunglasses

I’m mostly made of glass but I’m not a fish tank

I can often be opened or closed but I’m not a door


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