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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Ovan Riddles

New interesting riddles for family and kids

When you need to cook some food

This appliance might be chosen

As it can bake some cookies

Or a pizza which is frozen

This item in your kitchen

Cooks things but it’s not for toast

It is gas or electric

And can bake, broil and roast

I am a kitchen appliance

But I am not used to making toast

In November at Thanksgiving

Your large turkey is what I roast

If you are feeling hungry

And there’s food you need to make

Use this to roast a chicken

Or some cookies it can bake

What Am I?

I get hot but I never sweat

I cook things but I’m not a chef

I have a door but you don’t go through me

I can sometimes clean myself but I’m not a person

I can be gas or electric but I’m not a car


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