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Fan Riddles

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Fun Brain with riddles of Fan

When the temperature gets high

And hot is what you’re feeling

Something that helps cool you down

Rotates up on the ceiling

When held I go from side to side

When freestanding I oscillate

And when I am on a ceiling

That’s when you will see me rotate

I am something that spins round

But I am not a curveball

I sometimes sit on a desk

And I help to keep you cool

You might have one in your house

Although unlikely on a shelf

When it’s hot then it rotates

As you use it to cool yourself

I have an eye

I have three feet

Not using me in summer? Why

If you are wet and sweat

What Am I?

I have blades but I’m not grass

I’m sometimes held in your hand but I’m not a razor

I can change speeds but I’m not a car

I spin but I’m not a washing machine

I help cool you down but I’m not air conditioning


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