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Light Bulb Riddles

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Light Bulb Riddles

I can be found inside a lamp

Or on a chandelier

In cartoons, I’m seen overheads

When there’s a great idea

When you flick its switch on the wall

Then this thing up on the ceiling

Helps stop the room from being dark

As its brightness is revealing

I’m a common household item

As I am found in every room

Flick a switch, my filament glows

I dispel darkness and gloom

This item’s name consists of two words

And around the house, it can be found

The first word’s the opposite of dark

The second gets planted in the ground

Over your head, I appear when you have a great idea

What Am I?

I’m often used at night but I’m not a pillow

I’m usually made of glass and metal but I’m not a mirror

I have electricity flowing through me but I’m not a USB cable

I have a filament but I’m not a toaster

I’m bright even though I don’t have any brains


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