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Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles Printable Download free

Scissors Riddles

New fun brain riddles easy for kids 2019
Fun Brain Easy Succors Riddles

Some are used for fabric

And some are used for hair

Some are used for paper

And one is called a pair

This item has handles

But it isn’t a car

It also has two blades

But isn’t a razor

I am a household item

But I am not a clock

I’m something that beats paper

But I’m beaten by rock

Of these, you will need a pair

if you want to cut some hair

What Am I?

I come as a pair but I’m not socks

I have two handles but I’m not a wheelbarrow

I’m usually made of metal and plastic but I’m not a bicycle

I have blades but I’m not a helicopter

I’m sometimes used to cut hair but I’m not a razor


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