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Spoon Riddles

Spoon word riddles for kids
Riddle Of the Day – SPood Riddles

I’m a piece of silverware

Although I am not a fork

But if I’m combined with one

Then you end up with a spork

This is something in your kitchen

Answer this riddle if you’re able

You use it to help you eat food

It comes after soup, tea, and table

I can sometimes be a verb

And I can sometimes be a noun

I’m a piece of silverware

That can reflect things upside down

Even though it is not a fork

It sometimes helps you eat a meal

Even though it is not a bowl

It is used when you eat cereal

What Am I?

I have a handle but I’m not a hammer

I’m usually made of metal or plastic but I’m not a clothes hanger

I’m found in a kitchen but I’m not a microwave

I can be used to measure things but I’m not a cup

I reflect things upside down but I’m not a house of mirrors


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