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Clock Riddles

New easy riddles 2019 for kids
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I’m something that is often round

But I’m not a pizza base

I have hands but don’t have fingers

And have numbers on my face

I am something that has a face

But I don’t ever wear a cap

I am something that tells the time

Although I do not have a strap

Although this item has a face

It’s not able to smile

An old version of one of these

Was known as a sundial

If there’s a meeting you have to go to

You’ll need to know the time and place

Something that can help with one of these things

Has two or three hands over its face

This thing has hands and a face

But it doesn’t have any eyes

If you rotate to the right

It means you are turning _ _ _ _ _ wise

What Am I?

I’m usually round but I’m not a pizza base

I tell people something but I don’t have a mouth

I have numbers on me but I’m not a phone

I have hands but I don’t have any fingers

I have a face but I don’t have any eyes


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