Game of thrones season 8

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trivia Quiz – fantasy drama television series

How much Do you know about Game of Thrones Season 8? it is final of the Fantasy drama. Many peoples on social media talking about drama. Everyone is saying it’s Awesome, Amazing and the best 🙂 Some folks commenting like below

What peoples say about the Game of Thrones on Facebook

Phindile Mdunana Thanks to Melisandre for giving us some light for the long night 🙌3

Charlotte Albert It was a crazy episode. I was super stressed out watching, but that was an award-winning piece of work.

Angela Cortes This episode got me sweating the whole entire time. The fight was magnificent! I was thinking About Bran finally being all-powerful as a three-eyed raven…. but Arya was the powerful asesine she was trained to be. Simply brilliant!!!

Sharon Hamilton RIP Lyanna Mormont. “My mother wasn’t a great beauty but she was a great warrior.” So were you! My heroine.

Christine Gloster I think it would have been cool if Arya had someone else’s face on (??) when she killed the Night King and then after she killed him, peeled off the face to show it was her. know

Deb Feeser The actors are all fabulous. So far I wouldn’t watch this season again. I have seen the entire series at least 7 times. The 1st episode of 8 ducked. 2nd was ok 3rd was good with the making peace thing but was so dark I couldn’t see anything with my vision problems and my husband couldn’t see either. The episodes are too short. I read early on that they’d be 90 min long. 3rd was but not the first 2. Its the best show ever made and turning out to be a let down for the final season. I hope it gets better.

Trivia Questions: Game of Thrones season 8

How old is Arya in Game of Thrones?
Which dragon is a White Walker?
What Got stands for?
Game of Thrones, produced by?
Game of Thrones season 8 premiered on?
GOT! first six seasons, which consisted of ——– episodes each?
GOT! The seventh season, which consisted of —— episodes?
GOT! Does the eighth season consist of only —— episodes?
Game of Thrones Season 8 was filmed from the—— month and —— year?
The season was adapted for television by?

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