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Garden Quiz Games – 10 Questions About Kitchen Gardening – Brain Teaser

Funtooza presents Garden Quiz Games which will drive your info more effective. You Love flowers and eat vegetables daily But How much do you know about it? 

How Much do you know about Garden Quiz Games?

10 questions about kitchen gardening

10 Questions about Kitchen Gardening. Funtooza Quiz

Do you answer these questions?
  • What color is a Welsh poppy? 
  • What color is a Himalayan poppy? 
  • Which popular gardener created Barnsdale Gardens and was the author of many books such as The Ornamental Kitchen Garden, ‘Gardeners World’ Practical Gardening Course and Paradise Gardens?
  • Which kind of bulbs were once exchanged as a form of currency?

if it’s easy then why you don’t want to play Garden quiz games?

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