Google Fun Facts Quiz: 98% of individuals failed the Hard Quiz

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Google Fun Facts Quiz: What are some funny facts about Google? Take the Quiz and get ready for your IQ level.

Google Fun Facts Quiz: being a content creator of this quiz I firmly believe that 98% of Google lovers will not be able to solve Hard Quiz. To tell you the truth, I also failed to solve the quiz. Because here, so many great new things came to me. Hence, Let me conduct this quiz maybe you are pretending yourself a “Googlous”. Even you googling around all day Consequently, I’m sure he brings you wit violently.

Google Fun Facts Quiz Where 98% People Failed

Right here at the end of the Funtooza Quiz will give you a certificate of achievement for when, if you scored highest. Simply share your possible result with longtime friends and on our Facebook page, for instance. Therefore, After completing the session you may go to print the certificate and keep it with your documents.

That is to say, This is a “tough questionnaire” like “That 98% of people failed”. In your case, if you do not, therefore simply prove it by playing the quiz. Once you have obtained your rating, please share the results in the comments section below, and on The Other Hand, You can share your findings with your peers and family In the same vein, Never forget to share on Facebook with us.

  1. 1 The number of Google users worldwide is nearly?

    1. 2 Billion
    2. 4 Billion
    3. 6.5 Billion
    4. 7.2 Billion
  2. 2 Which country has no Google?

    1. China
    2. Russia
    3. Iran
    4. Cuba
  3. 3 How many people work at Google?

    Hint: At the end of 2020, --------------- full-time employees. Up until 2015, these figures were reported as Google employees.

    1. 150,032
    2. 135,301
    3. 121,322
    4. 167,386
  4. 4 Which country uses Google most after the US?

    1. France
    2. Canada
    3. United Kingdom
    4. India
  5. 5 Who owns Google now?

    99 percent google lovers fail in this quiz
    1. Larry Page
    2. Sergey Brin
    3. The ABC, Inc
    4. Alphabet Inc.
    5. Sundar Pichai
  6. 6 What is the most Googled thing in 2020?

    1. US Election results
    2. Coronavirus symptoms
    3. Coronavirus
    4. Coronavirus update
    5. Kobe Bryant
    6. Zoom
    7. IPL
    8. India vs New Zealand
    9. Joe Biden
    10. Google Classroom
  7. 7 What is the most searched thing on Google ever?

    1. YouTube
    2. Gmail
    3. Facebook
    4. Amazon
  8. 8 Who is the most searched person on Google 2020?

    1. Kanika Kapoor
      Kanika Kapoor
    2. Joe Biden
      Joe Biden
    3. Arnab Goswami
      Arnab Goswami
    4. Justin Bieber un facts quiz
      Justin Bieber
  9. 9 Who is the most Googled woman 2020?

    1. Credit
      Taylor Swift
    2. Credit
      Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
    3. Credit
      Oprah Winfrey
    4. Credit
  10. 10 What is the highest paying job in Google?

    1. Senior Vice President
    2. Director of Operations
    3. Director of Engineering
    4. Senior Director, Product Management
    5. Director, Global Partnership
    6. Senior Director, Talent Management
    7. Finance Director
    8. Director of Product Management
    9. Global Creative Director
    10. Director of Marketing

Google Fun Facts Quiz: 98% of individuals failed the Hard Quiz

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