Motivational Short story

Motivational Short Story About A Blind Boy Just Got His Eyes

Motivational Short story – Its a short story about a blind boy who just got his eyes and traveling on a train with his father. Some passengers have trouble with this guy’s questions, and finally, they do not stop themselves and give their comment.


Motivational Short story about a Blind Boy

Each and every individual on the planet has a story. Try not to judge individuals before you genuinely know them. Reality may shock you.

Motivational Short story
blind boy inspirational short story

A 12-year-old kid seeing out from the train’s window and then yelled…
Father, look the trees are going behind!
After that, Father Smiled and a youthful couple sitting adjacent took a gander at the 12-year old’s infantile conduct with feeling sorry for!

all of a sudden he again shouted… “Father, look at the clouds! Also, they are running with us !” ​

The couple couldn’t avoid and finally, said to the old man…
“May I Know For what reason, don’t you take this child to a decent Eye specialist?”

Motivational Short story

The old man grinned and then said… “I did and we are simply originating from the healing center, so my child was visually impaired from birth, he just got his eyes today.”

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success

Inspirational Quote

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”
Shiv Khera

Firstly tell me How did you feel like reading this story? I hope this story was short but it was very interesting and having a lesson. Therefore This story gives us a lot of lessons, one is that most people have a habit of talking about people. Secondly, we interfere with someone’s personal life. Secondly, the thing is, we do not tolerate any happiness and simplicity of anyone. A good lesson is hidden in this story and I am telling you that, we comment on it before we understand anything. So It shows our quickest nature. Please Follow us Twitter! Also, read some motivational wishes here.

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