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Funtooza RIDDLES
Funtooza Riddle:S

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Questions With Answers

I’m Tall When I’m Young And, I’m Short When I’m Old. What Am I? 

Riddle: Why Did The Boy Throw Butter Out The Window?

Answer: He Wanted To See The Butterfly.

Riddle: What Do You Throw Out When You Want To Use It But Take In When You Don’t Want To Use It?

Answer: An Anchor.

He’s Playing Monopoly.
He’s Playing Monopoly.

Riddle: A Man Is Pushing His Car Along, And When He Comes To A Hotel He Shouts, “I’m Bankrupt!” Why?

Answer: He’s Playing Monopoly.

Riddle: What Kind Of Coat Is Always Wet When You Put It On?

Answer: A Coat Of Paint.

Riddle: I’m Tall When I’m Young And I’m Short When I’m Old. What Am I?

Answer: A Candle.

Tricky Riddles for kids
I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter, but can’t go outside. What am I?

Riddle: In A One-story Pink House, There Was A Pink Person, A Pink Cat, A Pink Fish, A Pink Computer, A Pink Chair, A Pink Table, A Pink Telephone, A Pink Shower – Everything Was Pink! What Color Were The Stairs?

Answer: There Weren’t Any Stairs, It Was A One-story House.

Riddle: What Is At The End Of A Rainbow?.  

Answer: The Letter “w”.

Riddle: What Have Hands But Can’t Clap?

Answer: A Clock.

Riddle: A House Has Four Walls. All Of The Walls Are Facing South, And A Bear Is Circling The House. What Color Is The Bear?

Answer: The House Is On The North Pole, So The Bear Is White.

Riddle: What Is At The End Of A Rainbow?

Answer: The Letter W.

Riddle: What Starts With The Letter “t,” Is Filled With “t,” And Ends In “t?”

Answer: A Teapot

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