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Riddles with answers for kids
The Bark on a Tree

Riddle: What Goes Around And Around The Wood, But Never Goes Into The Wood?

Answer: The Bark On A Tree.

Riddle: Two Mothers And Two Daughters Went Out To Eat. Everyone Ate One Burger, Yet Only Three Burgers Were Eaten In All. How Is This Possible?

Answer: They Were A Grandmother, Mother, And Daughter.

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Answer: A Barber

What Can Run But Can’t Walk?

Riddle: A Cowboy Rides Into Town On Friday, Stays For Three Days, Then Leaves On Friday. How Did He Do It?

Answer: His Horse’s Name Was Friday.

Riddle: You Walk Across A Bridge And You See A Boat Full Of People, Yet There Isn’t A Single Person On Board. How Is That Possible?

Answer: All The People On The Boat Are Married.

Riddles with answers for kids
What Can Run But Can Not walk?

Riddle: A Boy Was Rushed To The Hospital Emergency Room. The Er Doctor Saw The Boy And Said, “i Cannot Operate On This Boy. He Is My Son.” But The Doctor Was Not The Boy’s Father. How Could That Be?

Answer: The Doctor Was His Mom.

Riddle: What Can Run But Can’t Walk?

Answer: A Drop Of Water.

Riddle: How Far Can A Dog Run Into The Woods?

Answer: The Dog Can Run Into The Woods Only Halfway – Then It Would Run Out Of The Woods.

Riddle: If There Are Three Apples And You Take Away Two, How Many Do You Have?

Answer: If You Take Two Apples Then, Of Course, You Have Two.

Riddles with answers for kids

Riddle: Beth’s Mother Has Three Daughters. One Is Called Lara, The Other One Is Sara. What Is The Name Of The Third Daughter?

Answer: Beth.

Riddle: You Have A Five-gallon Bucket And A Three-gallon Bucket With As Much Water As You Need, But No Other Measuring Devices. How Do You Fill The Five-gallon Bucket With Exactly Four Gallons Of Water?

Answer: Fill The Five-gallon Bucket All The Way Up. Pour It Into The Three-gallon Bucket Until It Is Full. Empty The Three-gallon Bucket. Pour The Remaining Two Gallons Into The Three-gallon Bucket. Fill The Five-gallon Bucket All The Way Up, Then Finish Filling The Three-gallon Bucket, Leaving Four Gallons In The Five-gallon Bucket.

Riddle: What’s Full Of Holes But Still Holds Water?

Answer: A Sponge.

Riddle: If An Electric Train Is Going East At 60 Miles An Hour And There Is A Strong Westerly Wind, Which Way Does The Smoke From The Train Drift?

Answer: There Is No Smoke Coming From Electric Trains.

Riddle: Say Racecar Backward.

Answer: “racecar Backward”

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