Riddles of the day 25 Brain Teasers Riddles For Kids

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Riddles of the day are Summer Brain Teasers

Why Riddles of the day?
Greetings Folks! Expect you guys genuinely to enjoy your pleasant summer. Today I am writing this post and In addition, I’m sharing some good Riddles from the Funtooza site.
This is to say, Expect you guys genuinely to enjoy your pleasant summer. For Example, When the children return from school, Therefore, You may engage them while your cooking or any other time in the evening or before sleep. On Other Hand, these brain-teasers really work!. Your gentle voice and elegant smile make these riddles so dramatic and full of fantasy. I am not fond of Dry Books. However, I do like Riddles and Personality test books. In the evening, I like to relax. For instance, I enjoy reading Trivia, Riddles, and Questions with Answers Quizzes. There are many reasons to exercise your mind regularly by Riddles. Above all, it keeps you healthy and fresh mind.

We obtain many potential benefits from the resolving of the riddles

  • 1. Certainly, it Increases our mind’s ability to imagine. 
  • 2. Our time is spent in a pleasant way, which we enjoy. 
  • 3. Most importantly, We begin finding solutions to troublesome things. 
  • 4. Let us be patient. 
  • 5. We instantly begin finding possible solutions to troublesome things.
  • 6. Above all, it keeps you healthy.

What 2 things are you able to ne’er eat for breakfast?

Lunch and Dinner

What incorporates a face and 2 hands however no arms or legs?

A clock.

What tastes higher than it smells?

A Tongue.

fun brain teaser riddles for kids and moms
Fun Brain Family Friendly Riddles about Candle Brain teaser Riddles

What quite a space has no doors or windows?

A Mushroom.

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During what month do individuals sleep the least?

February, it is the shortest month.

What’s orange and looks like a parrot?

A Carrot

What goes up and ne’er comes down?

Your Age

What word becomes shorter after you add 2 letters to it?


Two youngsters are born on an identical day from identical mother however they’re not twins. however is that possible?

Also, try these Tricky Riddles

They are triplets!

Johnny’s mother had 3 youngsters. the primary kid was named Gregorian calendar month The second kid was named might. What was the third child’s name?

Johnny after all.

Before Mt. mountain peak was discovered, what was the best mountain within the world?

Riddles of the day for kids and moms easy and Hard Riddles
Hard Riddles

Mt. Everest; it simply wasn’t discovered nevertheless.

How much dirt is there in a very hole that measures 2 feet by 3 feet by four feet?

There is no dirt within the hole.

What has four wheels and flies?

A Duscart.

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What gets wetter a lot of it dries?

A Towel.

Which word within the lexicon is spelled incorrectly?


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You can’t keep this till you have got given it.

A Promise.

What grows once it fares, however, dies once it drinks?


What spends all the time on the ground however ne’er gets dirty?

Your Shaddow.

fun brain riddles
Fun Brain Riddles

What animal turns concerning two hundred times around its axis once it dies?

A roast Chicken.

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How many months within the year have twenty-eight days?

All Of Them.

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A man goes go in serious rain with nothing to shield him from it. His hair does not get wet. however, will he do that?

He is bald.

What a part of Turkey has the foremost feathers?

The Outside.

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Best Fun Brain Riddles

Six fish are within the pool if 3 die what percentage ar within the pond?


What goes up and down however ne’er moves?

The Stairs.

Ten women tried to suit beneath a little umbrella, none of them got wet. however, did they are doing it?

It Wasn’t raining outside.

Conclusion of Post About Riddles of the Day

So Guys to sum up How willingly to endure your possible experience about these Riddles of the day? Certainly, I Love to read carefully your constructive feedback! In other words, Your precious suggestions matter here. In addition, This is to say thoughtfully, If you keenly enjoy any Riddle, Kindly share here below in the intended comment section. Likewise, I may employ it within the post but All credits go to you. Also, Don’t Forget to equitably distribute these riddles with your dear friends because willingly sharing is tenderly caring.

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