Stress Relief Toys

In a chaotic and stressful world, it is frequently Lil bit difficult to find effective and fun stress relief toys. However, the ones that work best include modern games and relaxation toys.

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Stress Relief Toys

In a chaotic and stressful world, it is frequently Lil bit difficult to find effective and fun stress relief toys. However, the ones that work best include modern games and relaxation toys.

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Video Games as Stress Relief Toys

Everyone discovers a great deal regarding the detrimental effects of long-term video game use on the health and psychology of children. However, a little piece is known regarding the positive health and psychological effects of casual video games used as stress relief toys.

In fact, sufficient evidence from comparative studies gently suggests that moderate video game use typically reduces stress and anxiety, and helps to alleviate depression. With the new Wii console system that typically incorporates physical activity into video games, the essential health benefits are presently that much greater.

Health Benefits of Video Games


Graciously according to a study conducted by East Carolina University titled A Randomized Controlled Study of the Effects of PopCap Games on Mood and Stress, researchers confirmed several health benefits of playing games which included:

  • Increased mood
  • Reduced tension
  • Reduced depression
  • Reduced anger
  • Increased vigor
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced confusion
  • Reduced stress

All things considered, the social study showed conclusively that the casual playing of video games had significant psychological and physical benefits. This typically means that video games are on the top of the list of stress relief toys. It should be noted that the negative health effects of video game addiction are also significant and should always remain an important concern.

Choosing Massage Toys

While massage remains classified as an “alternative medicine” in the medical field, academic research shows both short and long term health benefits from gentle massage.

manual foot massage to relive stress
Manual Foot Massage
Palm and finger massage to decrease stress level
Palm Massage

Massage Research

A social study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience demonstrated that massage therapy helps to meaningfully improve elevated concentration and festive mood, progressively reduces depression and feelings of anxiety and increases alertness. This research proves that there are both limited-term and long term health benefits of massage.

Specific types of Massage Toys

Massage therapy is best tool toy for stress relief

A number of stress relief toys also provide the health benefits of massage. Many of these are utilized to adequately provide effective therapy for dear children with disabilities, however, they can be used by anyone naturally looking for stress relief toys to undoubtedly help typically reduce anxiety.

Handheld mini massagers

Handheld Mini MassagersThese little toys come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes — even including bug and animal shapes. Clearly grasped in one hand, the four rounded “feet” provide soothing vibrations.

Plush massage toys

Plush massage toys – Plush toys and stuffed animals provide a soothing massage to whoever grips and squeezes it. These unique toys are ideal for extremely developing children.

Stress relief toys
Massager pillows

Massager pillowsDecorative Massage pillows come in every fantastic shape and considerable size. Smaller pillows with an adjustable strap correctly are for hand massage. Larger soft massage pillows generously provide soft and soothing vibrations for your back and neck.

Foot massagers

Foot massagers Modern Various forms of foot massage toys are available as both massage pillows and as the classic water-filled massage foot baths. Foot massage generously provides so many potential health benefits that an entire research field, called foot reflexology, undoubtedly exists to revise it.

Meditation Toys

stress relief Meditation toys

Meditation is one of the most authoritative ways to reduce stress and alleviate tension throughout the body. The possible reasons why meditation works so well is little understood by modern science, however, academic research sufficiently indicates that regular meditation naturally has tremendous health and psychological benefits.

Meditation Research

Jon Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachusetts Medical School carefully monitored brain waves of high-tech employees in Madison, Wisconsin, as subjects learned meditation over the course of eight weeks.
The possible results, published in a 2003 issue of Psychosomatic Medicine determined that employees who completed meditation lessons experienced a significant shift of brainwave activity from the stress-prone right frontal cortex to the calm left frontal cortex.
These results offer robust evidence that meditation provides more stress relieving benefits than almost any other activity.

Meditation Stress Relief Toys

A variety of toys help to teach and encourage a calming state of meditation. Many appropriate toys can be popularly used by innocent children or responsible adults to undoubtedly help typically induce a state of mind where thoughts and attention are completely focused on a unique activity. This intense focus causes an active meditative state.

Zen garden kits

Zen garden kits – Zen garden kits come in every variety, for both adults and children. As you carefully arrange polished stones and objects in the pure pale sand, an enlightened sense of well being and focus gradually soothe the stress-filled mind.

Rubix Cube

Rubix Cube – Puzzles that exercise the mind induces a state of meditation where the mind becomes focused completely on the task at hand, shoving aside the stressors of daily life. Research indicates that regular mental exercises such as the classic Rubix Cube delay or prevents dementia during venerable age.

Crosswords and Scrabble
Scrabble Crossword games best for stress relief toys

Crosswords and Scrabble – Crosswords remain a similar form of meditation as puzzles that focus the mind, but crosswords also incorporate the linguistic part of the brain which improves vocabulary and writing.
Scrabble is a stress reliever game that introduces a concept of “mutual meditation” where two people are focused on a similar activity, with two minds connected in a shared meditative state.

Conclusion: Be Happy and take some time for you :). Let’s laugh together now

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