Are you suggestible?

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You are absolutely sure you are supposed to meet your friend on Tuesday at 10 a.m., but a third friend thinks you are mistaken. What will you do?
call your friend to verify your meeting time
believe the third friend
meet your friend at 10 a.m. on Tuesday without checking your calendar

do you use slang words
sometime I use slang words
Ofter I use slang words
Never I use slang words

A vote is being taken by a show of hands. You are the only one who doesn’t raise your hand to vote the way the others are voting. What will you do
not vote at all

If you think you know how to spell a word and three friends (all good spellers) tell you that you are wrong, what will you do?
look up the word in a dictionary

You like your lunch box because you can put your thermos in it. But everyone else brings their lunch in a paper sack! What will you do
put your thermos in a sack, too

Are you suggestible?
Somewhat Suggestible

3 or more A’s mean you’re somewhat suggestible
Very Suggestible

3 or more B’s mean you’re very suggestible
No Matter What

3 or more C’s mean you do things your way, no matter what! •

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5.3k shares, 7518 points


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