René Favaloro

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Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro born on July 12, 1923.

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Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro died on July 29, 2000. (Aged 77)

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Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro was an Argentine cardiac surgeon best known for his pioneering work on coronary artery bypass surgery.

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Favaloro was born and raised in La Plata (is the capital city of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)

Hace 91 años nacía en La Plata el doctor René Favaloro

Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro's Cause of death: After seventeenth days of his seventy-seventh birthday, committed Suicide by gunshot (shooting himself in the chest)

Tragic story of Dr Rene Favaloro

Nationality: Argentine

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Spouse: María Antonia Delgado - Married on November18, 1950

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Favaloro returned to Argentina in 1971 with the dream of developing a center of excellence similar to the Cleveland Clinic (is an American academic medical center based in Cleveland, Ohio. Owned and operated by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, an Ohio nonprofit corporation established in 1921)

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In 1980 Favaloro established the 'Basic Investigation Laboratory - Long financed by him and after that, it became the Institute of Research in Basic Sciences of the University Institute of Biomedical Sciences and was transformed into the Universidad Favaloro in August 1998.

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Title: father of coronary artery bypass surgery Award: Prince Mahidol Award (1998)

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He was the son of a carpenter (Father: Juan B. Favaloro) and Mother Ida Y. Raffaelli was a dressmaker. Both of his parents were Sicilian immigrants. Favaloro was inspired to become a doctor by an uncle who was a physician

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Zodiac sign: Cancer

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In 1967, he performed an operation on a patient to avert a potentially fatal coronary artery blockage at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.


Favaloro received his bachelor's degree in 1941 and served with the Argentine Army during World War II. In 1946, when Favaloro was discharged as a lieutenant, he began his medical studies at the University of La Plata.

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In 1949 he received his medical degree and then served an internship at Polyclinic Hospital in La Plata.

Dr Rene Favaloro Heart Surgeon and Pioneer

Favaloro's brother, Juan Jose, also became a surgeon, and the two set up a medical practice in La Pampa.

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