What Are Your Limits?

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Everything worth inventing has already been invented.

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Time travel is impossible.

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Science has made all of its major breakthroughs

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None of the basic laws of science will ever be proved wrong.

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Social problems like hunger and war will always exist.

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Humans are destined to repeat the mistakes of history.

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No one will ever travel faster than the speed of light

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I could never be a skydiver.

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There is less to discover now than there used to be.

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People should mind their own business and not try to solve social problems.

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What Are Your Limits?

You DisAgreed! it may mean that you place few limits on the world (and yourself).

You are Agreed! It may mean that you don’t have much hope for the world—and you’re probably placing a lot of limits on yourself, too.

It may mean that you think many things are possible, but you’re not holding your breath!

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5.5k shares, 7520 points


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