What Percentage Angel/Devil Are You?

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Have you ever given a stranger the wrong directions on purpose?

Would you ever stiff a server on a tip?

Have you ever convinced a friend to stay out late even though they had a ridiculously early morning the next day?

Have you ever put a bad picture of a friend on social media?

Would you ever flirt with someone your friend was interested in?

What Percentage Angel/Devil Are You?
So Gorgeous! You're an angel.

Personality Test the Big 5

You're an angel. This Funtooza Personality Test describes you as an angel, you seem to be very kind and good. God Has given you helping Hands and supportive Mind.
OMG! You Devil 😮

personality test big 5

You are a Devil. Do not help Humankind. You have your ways, your logic and it doesn't make sense in our civilized society. It does not matter of fun here :/
Half Angel and Half Devil

personality test mbti

You are in the process of finding yourself either you are an angel or devil. You have invited both but now you have to identify clearly which you want to make yourself by your doings. Funtooza suggests you, please go and choose An Angel's qualities. How you choose it? simply Love Humanity and help them.

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6.9k shares, 7534 points
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